PC vs Xbox 360 vs PS3

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Feb 9, 2012
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  1. Just wondering on which people thought was the best in the following:

    -Useful features

    Now, I have come from all three, and I would definitely say that PC is the best for all three. Many people would disagree, but I think PC is the best. Best graphics, most skilled gamers, and you can do much more than just play games. My order is

    1. PC
    2. Xbox
    3. PS3

    I bought/played on them in order of.

    1st PS3 then Xbox then I upgraded my PC.
  2. LinkedKube

    LinkedKube TechSpot Project Baby Posts: 3,485   +45

    Being that most people on this forum own their own pc, a lot of them custom built I'm going to help you out and give you the final verdict.

  3. mcmurphy12

    mcmurphy12 TS Member Posts: 82

    I am going to agree that PC is the way to go for the best gaming experience, but that part about the most skilled gamers... Yeah, I pretty much suck at every game I try to play. Ha.
  4. maestro69

    maestro69 TS Rookie

    pc for sure
  5. ChinoNYC

    ChinoNYC TS Enthusiast Posts: 85

    I'm mostly a PS3 guy because of the sports titles.
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  6. Matt12345170

    Matt12345170 TS Booster Posts: 106   +31

    Affordability: Definatly the consolses - with the PS3 beating out the 360 mainly due to the yearly cost of Xbox Live.

    The cost of a computer that can handle most games at good/great settings is going to set you pack atleast 600-750+

    Gamers: Don't really find too much of a difference between different systems.

    Useful Features: I find that usually the PC's have more useful features...because lets be honest...you can do just about anything on a pc :haha:

    But in general, I definatly like PC gamming the most. Hands down, a console cannot compare with the graphics of a good gamming rig.
  7. superty12

    superty12 TS Enthusiast Posts: 413

    Affordability: PS3; PC; XBOX. PS3 wins over the thousands of dollars for a PC and the $60 a year for XBOX Live Gold.
    Gamers: XBOX; PC; PS3. Okay, XBOX has the most gamers. PC has slightly less. PS3 doesn't have that many.
    Useful Features: PC; PS3; XBOX. How does PC not win here?
  8. vectorsigma32

    vectorsigma32 TS Rookie Posts: 154

    pc if u got the money and the skill to build your but ps3 if u not skilled enf to build your own
  9. ddg4005

    ddg4005 TS Guru Posts: 383   +54

    I'll add my support for the PC as well.
  10. Buckshot420

    Buckshot420 TS Enthusiast Posts: 301

    Only suckers pay $60. If you can't afford $3 /month for what XBL offers compared to PS3 than you shouldn't be gaming.

    I started on 360 and was happy. Once I built my current PC I really was converted back to only playing PC games (except MW3 with friends on 360). A friend has all 3 and I can tell you his PS3 collects dust and hasn't been used since GT5 came out.
    1)PC is the way to go if you can afford it
  11. HafizNafes89

    HafizNafes89 TS Enthusiast Posts: 24   +9

    Playstation 320gb move bundle $350
    1 extra controller $40
    2 Ps3 games about $100
    Sceptre 32 in 3d led 1080p TV $400
    Sony Wireless Stereo headset $90
    Total $980

    Xbox 360 250gb Kinect Bundle $400
    1 Extra controller $30
    Logitech Wireless F540 $135
    2 Xbox 360 games $100
    1year Xbox live $50
    Sceptre 32 in 3d led 1080p TV $400
    Total $1115

    PC Mainstream Desktop
    Asrock Amd 870 Motherboard $75
    Amd FX 6100 3.3ghz Hex Core Processor $150
    16gb DDR3 Ram G.Skill $130
    Western digital 1TB 7200 rpm drive $110
    Radeon HD 7770 1gb $160
    60gb Solid State Drive $80
    LG Bluray Burner $85
    Raidmax Skyline Pc Tower $40
    600w Coolmax Power Supply $50
    Keyboard Mouse Combo $15
    23inch Asus Hd Monitor With Speakers $175
    Plantronics Gamcom 777 Headset $85
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit $100
    2 Pc games $80

    Conclusion: Buying consoles is actually the cheapest and easiest route to take, but if you want more overall capabillity, then you shuld just get a pc. Although building your own pc gives you more choice and can potentially save you money, you can still buy a decent pre built pc setup for $1200 if you dont have pc building skills. if you are a parent that want a gaming setup for the family, then i would just recommend either a ps3 or xbox 360, because having a pc can be a problem in the future.
  12. mopar man

    mopar man TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,379

    Actually, you can get by easily with a quad core AMD and a cheaper Headset.

    You don't need a burner; you can get a simple drive. You don't need an SSD; you have a hard drive. the 360 has no SSD, neither does the PS3, and without it, it will be perfectly fine.

    So cut 60 for the SSD, 25 or more off the headset, 70 or so off the ram (no need for more than 8gb in a gaming pc), that's well over 150 off that.

    The beauty of the PC is that when building, you do NOT have to buy the latest and greatest to play the latest and greatest games.

    So let's lower the monitor price; I got a really good 1080p for 110 a month ago.

    By shopping correctly, you save a lot. In the end, you have...

    $1115 if I'm not mistaken... which I probably am.

    Also... why would you ever consider a PC for a family gaming device; unless you double the price to buy two?

    Also, most of the PS3 games and 360 games are 60 a piece right? Not 50?
  13. HafizNafes89

    HafizNafes89 TS Enthusiast Posts: 24   +9

    Pc Cost for the non extravagant.

    Msi 870-A G54 Am3+ Motherboard $70
    3.6 Ghz Amd FX-4100 Quad-Core Cpu $110
    G.Skill Ripjaw Series 8gb Ram DDR3 1600 $42
    2 TB Seagate Barracuda HDD $130
    Radeon HD 7770 ghz edition 1gb $170
    24x dvd burner $25
    Raidmax Skyline Pc Tower $40
    600w Coolmax Power Supply $50
    Keyboard Mouse Combo $15
    23inch Asus Hd Monitor With Speakers $175
    Ozon Gaming gear headset $35
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit $100
    2 Pc games $80
    Total Price $1042

    Note This system will still allow you to play the latest games with ease.
  14. HafizNafes89

    HafizNafes89 TS Enthusiast Posts: 24   +9

    By relisting my recommended system build I was back down to $1042

    If you are able to find a 1080p monitor for $110, then by all means that would be the way to go and if added to my recommended system it will amount to only about $950.

    The great thing about building a pc is that you always have the option to pay only for what you want.

    I did however decided to list a really decent mother board $70 so that upgrading would be totally hassle free.
  15. mopar man

    mopar man TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,379

    Now that sounds a lot better! Good work there.
  16. andy06shake

    andy06shake TS Evangelist Posts: 449   +126

    There is no competition, anyone who owns even a mid-range PC will tell you 360,PS3 are child like in comparison. My system now thats 2 years old will be 2X faster than the new 720s/PS4!
  17. Zilpha

    Zilpha TS Enthusiast Posts: 319

    Because that's all that someone is looking for when they sit down to play a title amirite?

    It's going to come down to a personal preference for 'how' one wants to play more than anything else. Consoles are still hugely popular because they give that 'living room' experience that so many grew up on and continue to crave. If you enjoy lying on the couch with a controller and viewing your chosen game on the big-screen tv, then you want a console.

    If you prefer sitting at your desk hunched over the keyboard, then you want a PC.

    I use my PCs mostly for mmo gaming, but not single-player gaming because I feel like it takes me too far outside the experience to sit at a desk. Some games, like Skyrim and Fallout where 360 controller is natively supported I will sit in my recliner with my laptop and play, but other titles I just take a pass on. Not everything in life needs to be a competitive FPS experience.
  18. andy06shake

    andy06shake TS Evangelist Posts: 449   +126

    My PC, 60" TV, Wireless Keyboard, mouse and kinect give me more of a living room experience than my consoles do, in my opinion.
  19. orkun1675

    orkun1675 TS Rookie

    PC 4ever, nothing can replace it!

    thousands of games, upgradeble and does so much more..
  20. Dawn1113

    Dawn1113 TS Booster Posts: 322   +65

    For me, gaming on a PC is a far more satisfying experience. A great many PC gamers are also rigbuilders --enthusiasts of the techology involved. So the cost is a given. You willingly pay a premium the same way ardent hotrod builders will invest time and money on their cars.

    Sure, a Toyota will get where you're going for much less, but the trip is a good deal more engaging when you're driving a well-tuned, well-oiled machine you built lovingly from scratch. ;)
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  21. remanjot

    remanjot TS Rookie

    PS 3 <3 Love it always.
  22. combojam

    combojam TS Rookie

    I only play games either on my wii or Xbox, PC would never be my game console
  23. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +50

    I hate to be a fly in the ointment here, but I'm injecting an option that was not given!

    I don't quite know what it is, but within these past couple year I gravitated away from playing games on a X-Box 360 and Computer, and been more than happy and content playing any of my now slightly over 400 titles on my Playstation 2 system. I've gamed on an X-Box 360, gamed on a Playstation 3 and for little over a decade I had gamed on a computer. But something just draws me to the Playstation 2.

    I know I might catch holy heck here, but just for me......

    1. Playstation 2 (The Best)
    2. Computer (My Second Best Choice)
    3. Playstation 3 (My Third Best Choice)
    4. X-Box 360 (Worst Of The Options)
  24. davislane1

    davislane1 TS Grand Inquisitor Posts: 4,736   +3,757

    Affordability: PS3
    Useful features: PC
    Gamers: Not applicable.

    I haven't had a gaming rig in quite a while (last one I built was about 8 years ago), so I've done the majority of my gaming on the PS3. The only perk of the gaming console is affordability and the elimination of some minor hassles (occasional driver issues) that you deal with on the PC side of things. Everything else falls far short of what a proper gaming rig can do for you in terms of experience and non-gaming utility.

    As for the skill of gamers on these different platforms... I think it's meaningless to make the comparisons. From console gamers, you typically hear that PC gaming is just too difficult because of all the buttons. From PC gamers, you typically hear that things are too difficult because of the simplistic controls & lack of custom mapping and precision. People generally conclude that this makes PC gamers more skilled. I disagree. Skill has to do with how well you perform on a given platform and/or game. If you own on PC games but can't compete on consoles because the controls aren't precise enough, you've got poor skills on the console. If you own on a console but can't compete on a PC because you can't handle a mouse and keyboard, you've got poor skills on the PC. The truly "skilled" gamer can dominate on any of the platforms.

    That said... PC still takes the cake.
  25. RayRay

    RayRay TS Booster Posts: 76

    PC is not a console, get your facts straight before post.

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