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Hello, I am currently helping a friend overseas to fix his computer. And we stumbled upon an issue I have never seen before as I have built a couple of computers myself.

Randomly yesterday his pc turned off and it wont turn back on again, immediate thought is power supply is at fault. Switching off and on the powersupply in the back and trying to turn on the pc resulted in a 0.5 sec light flash. With the pc not responding after that at all I was pretty certain the power supply was at fault. After getting a new power supply ASAP I guided him through installing it over live video and everything went smoothly. (yes we did try removing the cmos battery to reset bios)

After everything was connected and he tried turning on the computer it flashed for 0.5 sec again but wouldnt turn on, however there's a red light from the bottom right corner of his motherboard constantly on when the power supply is plugged in. we tried resetting bios with removing cmos battery again with no luck.

The only thing I can think of right now is there's issue with his motherboard, is there anyone who has had this problem or know what to do here?


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A very common issue is the need to reseat the RAM modules..give that a try. We don't know what make or model of the motherboard your friend has but you could check the website and perhaps find out what the red light means too