PCI driver won't update for Sony Vaio with new motherboard and processor

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Dec 23, 2011
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  1. I have been to the Sony site in order to update the Multimedia Video Controller. But each time I go to MPEG for the drivers as stated on a previous thread here, the setup tells me that the driver was not meant for my machine, a Sony Vaio desktop computer.

    That being said, I did take this computer from my mom's house and put a new motherboard and processor in it. I'm also using a Windows XP 32-bit OS that I highjacked off of another computer I had awhile back. LOL I also have my room mate's random fancy video card in there too (until her boyfriend finishes building her fancy new desktop). Do you think this is making the issue more complicated than it should be???

    So this is the Driver Id
  2. mailpup

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    What motherboard are you now using? Go to the motherboard manufacturer's website for the chipset, LAN and onboard sound drivers. If the motherboard came out of a Dell, HP, Acer, etc., then go their respective websites for the drivers. For your graphics driver go to the GPU maker's site.
  3. WreckedSalvage

    WreckedSalvage TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I am in love with my current motherboard. It is a sexy sexy piece of silicon and gold. LOL It's an MSi 880GM-E43
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    Okay. Go to the MSI website.
  5. WreckedSalvage

    WreckedSalvage TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks, mailpup! I have been scouring the site and using their MSi Live Update for the last couple of weeks. I'll keep working on properly installing these drivers and let you know how it goes. The main problem so far appears to be that the MSi drivers are not compatible with my version of Windows (XP, 32-bit). Do you think that I should update my OS to something newer and less ghetto? LOL Or am I just selecting the wrong drivers or driver date?
  6. mailpup

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  7. WreckedSalvage

    WreckedSalvage TS Rookie Topic Starter

    mailpup. you are so sweet!

    but ya. I've been using the Live Update application MSi offers as well as the ATI one AMD offers. I have successfully installed and updated all of the graphic and audio drivers, but my OS doesn't seem to understand that.

    In my quest to shut windows up regarding my drivers, I also have uncovered an annoying worm hijacker "spoolsv.exe" that isn't in the proper WINDOWS or SYSTEM32 folder like the real one is.

    I am beginning to think that this worm is the problem. Because unless I open the task tray and terminate this stupid process at startup, the drivers are not detected properly.


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