PCI.sys crash

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Mar 9, 2006
  1. Hi guys im new here im having a big problem with this new system im trying to build i cant figure out why im having this problem. ok here it goes

    I decieded to upgrade my system so i went to Frys and bought a CPU and Motherboard combo. Its a ECS motherboard with Dual DDR 400 support and a AGP express <---yes i said express ive never heard of it--- and it also has a PCI express slot . well make long story short i keep having this problem when i try to boot from the Win XP cd to reformat the drive it loads all the set up files then crashes in to this blue screen saying something like this :

    Windows has shut down this operation bla bla try changing video adapters or turn off BIOS caching or shadowing.

    pci.sys adress f853dobf base at f8583600
    datestamp 3b7d855c
    (it has other numbers as well)

    I suspect it could be my ram but it was working fine in the old system.
    Ive tried three different vid cards too .
    I have WD 120 Gb hd on cable select , 1 cd-rw rom drive, i just bought a PCI Geforce 7300 256mb vid card, my old ram from the old system PC2700 512mb made by legacy electronics, AMD dual core 3800 CPU , and the model of the mother board is K8T890-A.

    PLEASE HELP ME im stumped on this . Thanks alot

    email demolitionguy666@yahoo.com
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    Good Luck!

    Hi, man,
    check this post:

    Actually I followed it but it does not resolve my problem, I bought the combo from Fry's too, the AMD 64 X2 with ECS, I even tried with one Fry's clerk's suggestion, use brand memory other than Kingston, he suggested for corsair, but it does not work either.
    My final solution is returned it.
    Hope you have good luck!

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    no such thing as AGP express. You can have AGP 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x

    motherboards can be picky about RAM. RTFM to know what RAM modules your motherboard can take. Do not mix and match speed, brands, or type.
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    PCI.SYS error

    I too had the exact same issue happen to me. I purchased an ECS 890T-A MB combo with an Intel 3.2 GHZ and ddr2 667 512 ram. The blue screen appeared with the pci.sys error.

    After a shutdown the monitor would no longer intialize and all I heard were beeps from the speaker. Which led me to investigate the ram.

    I replaced the ram module with ram recommended by ECS for this board. DDR533. The monitor now inialized but the pci.sys error still occurred.

    After a google search I ran across a note that suggests using WIN XP SP2. I used this version of the OS and software loaded correctly without any errors.

    It appears as though in order to use these new hardware configurations (Pci Express) you will have to upgrade the OS as well.

    I then purchased WIN XP Service pack 2 as I am not ready for Vista.

    Hope this helps
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