PCI Yellow Question Mark Under Other Devices-Toshiba Tecra 8100-Windows 98SE OS

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Dec 12, 2007
  1. My Tecra 8100 OS Win98SE has this annoying yellow warning under Device Manager. Yet I can't update or reinstall drivers. I'm not sure but I really don't think I have anything PCI to begin with. I do have a working wireless card in the PCMCIA slot.

    If removed, it'll want to get installed at next boot.

    I've tried formating and reinstalling Win98SE to no avail. I downloaded/installed all Toshiba's drivers for this laptop, still no help.

    Can anyone help?
  2. gbhall

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    Well, what are you actually complaining about ? Is anything not working? Having a yellow flag in device manager is not something most people would know about, much less worry about.....

    It can just mean the device is not set up optimally, or is using a non-recognised driver.

    Let us know if you REALLY have a problem or are just being neurotic. Plus re-read your post and correct the internal inconsistencies - at one point you cannot update or reinstall drivers, a line or two later you downloaded/installed all drivers....
  3. qimaster3

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    PCI Yellow Question Mark

    Yes, the computer seems to be working OK except the monitors periodically turns itself off so I had to press the little tip on the top right side next to the hinge.

    I was not able to update or reinstall the driver for the "PCI" only. I was able to download from Toshiba all Tecra 8100 running Win98SSE drivers (video, audio, LAN, etc....).

    Maybe I am being neurotic by not wanting some warnings on my OS. This just happened recently. Could using the docking station cause this?

  4. gbhall

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    Monitor blanks when in use, or after a while?

    If after a while without touching any keys this is normal power-saving and can be controlled via the bios or via power settings in Windows. Power-saving on a portable SHOULD be quite aggressive for obvious reasons, but maybe the docking station does not automatically alter the power-saving that is so important to have on when NOT docked.

    It is often the case that in PCI or UBS driver installation there can end up more than one driver for the same device. If that happens, the one that is NOT flagged (thats correct, the NON-flagged one) can be deleted and you reboot. You should normally find the flagged one is now the only one and is no longer flagged.
  5. LookinAround

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    I 100% agree with qimaster3... If you ignore some warnings because "everything seems" to be working OK, will it always hurt you? No, not always. But, there are some that you know are gonna raise their ugly head to come back and bite ya sometime!

    My opinion: if you can trace it to a "reason"/"id the hardware" and can identify and understand WHY it;s occurring only THEN can you decide to leave it as is with some level of confidence it will remain a dormant issue.

    Suggestion to identify and fix
    If you were running something more recent then Win98SE i know of several handy tools that could assist you but the old method isn't hard either
    1. Look in Device Manager for those darn yellow question marks. As I recall, I've sometimes seen them gathered, and displayed at a top level entry in the device hierarchy (making them easy to find with just a top level search through all device entries). On the other hand, i've seen they're not always listed top level. So be sure to expand each entry in the device manager table to look for them
    2. (I think the following method works for Win98SE. If not please report back.) For each unidentified device
      • Left click to highlight the device entry
      • Right click and select Properties
      • Click on the Details tab
      • The Device ID for the unidentified device is displayed. Start searching the net to identify the device and then can try to fix it or leave it with confidence
  6. qimaster3

    qimaster3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    PCI Yellow ? Problem

    To all who tried to help me,

    I finally found the culprit! It is the IR port. After installing the driver, the warning sign went away.

    Thanks again for all who tried to help. I do really appreciate it.

  7. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    Thanks for that update. Full marks for letting us know.
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