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Performance decrease in games after instaling xp pro

By A Rabbit ยท 8 replies
May 24, 2005
  1. Hi peeps,

    Everyone i have talked to about this problem so far has no clue in to whats happening to my computer. well ill start from the beginning...
    I have rescentaly instaled xp-pro by reformatting a hard drive and installing it, everything went really smoothly untill i went into one of my games "Joint-operations" were my performance had decreases by at least half (to what my windows 98 os had). i was getting a frame rate of 15 were i was meant to be getting a frame rate of about 30. i checked everything i could think of like firewalls to graphic setting and even downloading the new drivers for my ati radeon 9250. My pc precs are as follows:

    AMD athlon 2.53ghz processor
    1gb ram
    ati radeon 9250
    and a new motherboard with hyperthreading.

    This has got me totaly confused to why on earth is it doing this?
    My windows 98 os was at least twice as fast in game than xp-pro, thats not right??

    Any wayz i dont know if this will help but my dad also bought xp-pro and installed it the same time as me and he aslo is experienceing problems with video playback (jolty).

    I think it could be somethin to do with drivers and that microsoft automaticaly asignes a driver to my graphics card before i install mine from cd?!??...

    Any help would be great thankz... :grinthumb
  2. Rick

    Rick TS Evangelist Posts: 4,512   +65

    As always, download and install the latest drivers and version of Direct X available for your computer.

    You can find drivers for your video card at: www.ati.com
    Direct X should be: www.microsoft.com/directx

    The performance decrease only exists in this game or in other games? It could be that the game was not designed for Windows XP (not really familiar with it).
  3. A Rabbit

    A Rabbit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanx for the advice but i have downloaded the latest drivers for my ati graphics card and the latest direct x but my frame rate is still around 10-15!
    My joint-ops game is supported by windows xp pro. i donno if this helps but i have resentaly installed sp2 (heard it has some problems). i might un-stall sp2 and try runnning my game on that to c if it works better. Any ideas anyone?
  4. Duck

    Duck TS Rookie

    You say you have an AMD Athlon 2.53ghz processor, then you say your new mobo has hyperthreading. Hyperthreading is somthing found only in Intel systems. What's going on?
  5. A Rabbit

    A Rabbit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My motherboard has hyper threading and i have an AMD athlon processor. . .Whats wrong with that?
  6. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,362   +606

    I think you mean HyperTransport which refers to the motherboard's fsb.
  7. Duck

    Duck TS Rookie

    Yes. There is no way you have hyperthreading. I think you might have a pentium 4. 2.5GHz is very fast for an Athlon.
  8. A Rabbit

    A Rabbit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes probably but i need to know wats up with my game coz i recently installed xp-pro and ever since that my game runs much slower as in the fps. my internet is 2mb so no prob there and when i had 98 os it was twice as fast across the internet. i have open the rightport and let the game trhough the fireall as well. :( i have no idea wats rong but it might be do to my installation of service pack 2 or the drivers i have recentl;y download.
  9. A Rabbit

    A Rabbit TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Or even mabe my card is not supported by me xp-pro os but i dibt think thats the case.
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