1fps during boss encounters in WoW

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Feb 2, 2011
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  1. Hey ppl

    Looking for a little guidance on improving my frame rate as it seems to have got beyond ridiculous.

    Spec is:
    Radeon HD 3850
    Pentium D 2.80 ghz
    DDR2 2gb 333 (in 2 1gb)
    Dixonsxp rc4107ma-rs2h
    Hitachi HDT721075SLA380 700GB
    Windows XP Pro SP3

    I have my graphics as low as they will go, and I'm talking as far as running 800 * 600 here, and i still get 1fps on some boss fights in 25 man. I'm not the most amazing person on pc's these days as I haven't really kept up to date on technology, but i'm pretty sure I should be able to run wow with this graphics card with at least 20fps. I keep a clean machine, generally running around 32 processes, have no viruses/adware/malware, at least according to avg, and the fact that most viruses are pretty obvious, and take me 10 seconds to just remove manually (i dont trust antivirus to be thorough, they are just an alarm system). My HDD is getting towards the full side at around 85% full, but isnt fragmented so shouldnt cause me problems. Basically I have ran out of ideas on improving it. My brother is under the belief that i need to change my CPU as mine is just 2 p4's slapped on top of each other, which is fair enough, but a second opinion would be nice before i have to fork out on a new pcu.

  2. Arris

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  3. blunty86

    blunty86 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you for the reply

    that is a very nice guide, only thing is, everything is off already. I'm pretty sure it is nothing to do with setting in wow, as they are as low as they can go.
  4. nismo91

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    just in case, have you updated Catalyst drivers?
  5. klepto12

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    wow is way more dependent on your cpu so that is probably the main reason your seeing bad fps.
  6. ET3D

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    I agree that your system looks unbalanced, with the GPU being faster than the CPU. That said, WoW's system requirements aren't that high, so you system should be enough. I'm not a WoW player, but googling I found that other people having such an issue didn't typically get a reply with a good solution. One thing which was mentioned is to disable any WoW addons if you have any. Another thing which was mentioned is a network problem related to patch 4.0.1 (see here). I don't know if this can cause low fps, but network may be one problem.
  7. Tha General

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    2 Problems

    Radeon HD 3850
    Pentium D 2.80 ghz

    Your CPU being the worst. You need to upgrade your CPU , and maybe upgrade your card to a 5670.

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