Pfn List Currupt

By shekhar66
Jun 27, 2007
  1. Hallo Everybody.
    I am new to this forum,and it is my first post incidently.
    Through this post I request permission from all of you to get me inducted in this family.

    I have this problem of Blue Scree -PFN List currupted,when I am using Skype or Google Talk or any such program. which we can use for live talks.This blue screen is also not frequent and sometimes it occurs after 20 Minutes of Talks or sometimes within 5 minutes,and sometimes it doesn't happen at all.
    I checked these programs on Windows Crystal Edition which is on my other Partition and everything is OK.

    My PC Configuration is Pent-D,dual core,1GB RAM (512X2 DDR2),OS-Windows XP Professional with SP2.

    I hope that some body would help

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