Philadelphia bill bans cashless retail stores, throwing a wrench into Amazon's plans


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" Philadelphia governor Tom Wolf has recently approved a bill that effectively bans the operation of cash-free retail stores (with a handful of exceptions)."

@Polycount You have it mixed up. Tom Wolf is actually the king of Pennsylvania, while Jim Kenney is the governor of Philadelphia.:facepalm:


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Wow...they programmed you well to believe privacy is non-existent and irrelevant.

It's just a matter of reality versus what people try to portray it as, a nice sentiment, but in the end they make laws and allow Corporate America to allow you to disavow that right so the NSA can harbor data they don't have secured and leave prone to abuses. Did I leave anything out, other than to be a part of society in a meaningful way you give the right to privacy up on a daily basis....


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Who cares, over a quarter the government gets caught using pornhub on government work computers, no one gives a crap maybe just maybe being able to track transactions would drop crime rates, the only people who care are criminals, right to privacy, always was a fictional concept when people build glass houses. Most of the people that are on these concepts are running corporations that datamine extract and sell personal information, they just don't want you to know they were banging hookers in florida.....kraft perhaps? Right to privacy is only deemed important to those rich enough to afford it, better lawyers, higher walls, private security, for the average Joe no one cares it's expected that the bottom 25% are drug addicted low education law breakers.

Lol project much?

You equating wanting privacy to being a criminal shows that logic and critical thinking aren't exactly your strong suite, not to mention your rambling mess of a paragraph. Privacy is and should be expected by people from all walks of life. Just because YOU don't care doesn't mean everyone else feels the same.

You said the bottom 25%. The bottom 25% of what, exactly? Household income? Education? You're going to blanketly say that the bottom 25% of (whatever) are "drug addicted low education law breakers" and expect anyone to take anything you say seriously? Talk about a textbook case of projection lol.