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By Julio Franco
Sep 8, 2004
  1. Philips has once again invaded the PC Audio scene with a new soundcard offering. Earlier this year we took a close look to their Aurilium external soundcard which left us quite impressed. This time around they are bringing us a new internal soundcard based on the VIA Envy24GT chipset which combined with the Sound Agent 2 drivers we tested on the Aurilium, should make for a very solid entrance in the enthusiast market.

    The Philips Ultimate Edge has been smartly positioned as a 5.1 soundcard, it shares much of what made the M-Audio Revolution 7.1 a true Audigy competitor, then cut a few dollars from its price tag. If you are into a new soundcard this fall you should seriously take a close look to Philips latest offering.

  2. Riz


    mic problems

    Hi, how can I stop the sound card from switching to front mic when I dont even have one ? this happens when ever I start any aplications using a mic pluged into the rear mic socket. Its very annoying that everytime I play counter strike and need to use the mic for matches, it swaps to front mic when ever there is a map change. This happens in all applications....even sound recorder that comes with windows.

    Is there a firmware update that I can get that can remove the front mic option altogether from the sound card ?
    Alternatively, is there a hardwire option ? I am an electronics engineer so this wont be a problem.

    I have contacted Philips regarding this and got no luck !

    Please help, because I find this highly unusual and very frustrating !

    Asus k8V-X MB
    AMD64 bit 3000+ uP
    Radeon 9800 pro GFX
    1 gig ram
    Windows XP pro

    All latest drivers updated as they come out.
    Passes all tests in DX9c
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