Pixel 3 XL bug adds second notch to screen


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Unlike the physical notch that’s home to the Pixel 3 XL’s front-facing cameras and sensors, these secondary notches are of the digital variety.

The phantom notch bug has affected several users who posted pictures of the weird glitch on Twitter. Jessie Burroughs, Kyle Gutschow, and UrAvgConsumer all experienced the same phenomenon.

It’s theorized that the issue is related to a feature that allows the Pixel 3 XL’s notch to be hidden by placing black bars alongside the cutout—these ‘second notches’ are appearing at the side of the phone because of the glitch.

Thankfully, some Reddit users say just switching the phone between portrait and landscape modes will make the second notch disappear when the screen refreshes. Others claim that restarting the Pixel 3 XL is the only way to correct the software issue.


Speaking to Android Police, Google has confirmed it is aware of the weird bug and that a fix is “coming soon.”

Google might want to roll that fix out before Samsung takes note. Earlier this month, the Korean firm mocked the Pixel 3 XL’s cutout, 4GB of RAM, and lack of expandable storage on Twitter. The company would likely have plenty to say about a second notch on its rival’s device, even if it is only temporary.

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Google thought since people are buying phones with notches it's only logical to add more notches so people like the phone even more.


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Google hire me I'll fix the issue.. I have 8 years as Android Developer.. To bad they're on the west coast.


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I NEVER buy "the first out the gate", be it a phone, computer, automobile etc.
I wait...in the case of a phone, til the END of production, auto, for the 2nd year
of the same series. Any unusual bugs, are generally sorted out.
When you buy something brand spanking new, especially something heavily
dependant on software, can have bugs crop up after release/customization.


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I was so happy to hear about google phones, how can they get them wrong I thought, they are the source... a couple years later... double notched phones... yay...