Playback problem

By brunobrazzoduro
Jul 11, 2008
  1. hello there, I have a little problem as follows: mi so is windows vista home edition, second reinstall caused to misbehavior. After reinstalling the system and getting from MS all the updates (drivers, security, etc) the machine works fine except that when playing back using WMP or any other media player (iTunes, etc.) I can only hear two channels. My hw configuration as far as audio is concerned is SB Audigy SE, 4 loudspeakers (2 front and 2 back). By the way in the first installation the 4 speakers worked well. Using the control panel to test the sound card, when it comes to test the 4 loudspeakers, they all sound ok. so I set them to play that way, then saved the settings and exited. And there it comes. Using a media player only the 2 stereo front LS work the 2 back LS remain mute. I've tried everything without any success. I then gave up. Can anyone give me any suggestions
  2. Tmagic650

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    Try the older Vista driver on the Creative download site
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