Playback while Recording problems in Media Center (WMCE)

By SNGX1275
May 29, 2006
  1. I got a new PC with Windows Media Center Edition on it. Everything on it is working fantastic, except when I'm actually using it like it is meant to - like a PVR.

    What happens is it plays fine when watching live tv, if I pause it to go do something and come back and resume, it will play fine for a while, and then it will start to skip, sort of like a scratched dvd (except it won't skip backward), and sometimes it will lose audio. Pausing and unpausing sometimes fixes the small ones, completely stopping and then hitting play will fix the larger ones.

    Surely this isn't how it behaves naturally, otherwise I imagine Microsoft wouldn't sell any Media Center Edition copies.

    Now everything on this computer is 100% legal, all the hardware (its a branded pc, HP), all the software, everything is legal, so no blaming it on illegal stuff. The rest of the specs are as follows:

    3.0Ghz Pentium D
    1 Gig RAM
    250 Gig SATA 7200rpm HD
    Some hauppage capture card, modified for HP no doubt.
    ATi x300 vid card

    So there is no reason that this computer should lag with TV playback, this isn't even HD tv, its just normal.

    Now before any of you young guys that have awesome hardware start telling me my vid card or my ram isn't good enough, or even the processor, I'll tell you why it should be more than enough: I also record tv with SageTV on a 1Ghz Athlon Thunderbird processor with 512megs of PC133 RAM over an ata66 interface with absolutely no problems, I can record, pause, and resume with no skips or lags or anything.

    So now, my question is why is this happening to me on a far superior pc, is it that WMCE sucks, or is it needing some updates or patches I haven't found yet, or is it some drivers that need updates that I haven't looked into? Or is it something else?
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