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Jan 2, 2004
  1. I have installed several games on my sons laptop. It is an IBM T30. I launch the game and it quicky flashes and then nothing happens. I have met all the specifications. I have also tried installing on our IBM T20...T21...T22...and T23 with the same results. Any suggestions?
  2. tirwin88

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    I forgot to add that I had installed it on my desktop and it played with no problem.
  3. tripleione

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    Keep in mind that laptops aren't made with game compatibility in mind. Many sacrifices are made to 3D performance/compatibility in order to make laptops small enough to be portable.

    Make sure the latest drivers for all your hardware devices are installed and that Windows has been updated with all the critical updates via
  4. tirwin88

    tirwin88 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Thanks again! I have done all of the above and still I am unable to load games.
  5. tripleione

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    I can't say that I'm 100% sure that is what is causing it, but the games not running is probably just because it's a laptop.
  6. Rick

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    The video card in laptops (especially most IBMs) are very poor for gaming. Many laptops do not fully support Direct 3D and/or OpenGL well enough to play games... Especially newer games.

    You might get away with something like Diablo II, but you can totally forget about 3D games made in the past couple of years.

    I own a T21 and I play Diablo II and Warcraft III on it.. But even Warcraft III at the lowest detail settings BARELY runs. It's not because of the CPU (900MHz Pentium III), but the video card. I have to turn all the textures to low and use the lowest resolution. Turning up animation quality and other geometry settings dependant upon the CPU make no appreciable difference which means it is certainly the 8mb S3 Savage card included :puke:

    The best resolution I get for any game 800x600, but any 3d games have to be run at 640x480 and most still will not run. I'm sure the T30 isn't much more advanced in terms of gaming. It probably has 16mb of video memory, which still won't play modern games.
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