Playing games via a mapped network CD drive?

I've just recently bought an HP Pavilion dm1 notebook, and unfortunately it doesn't have a CD drive. Fortunately I mapped the CD drives from my desktop onto the notebook and can install games over that. The down side to that is that some games won't run this way, I'm guessing it's the copy protection getting in the way.

But my question is: is there a better way to play games via the network, as if there's actually a drive in my notebook? I'd like to play games on my notebook, via my desktop's CD drive, without interference from the copy protection. I've seen programs like Virtual CloneDrive, WinMount, and etc, but they don't seem to support mapping folders to a virtual CD drive. I'd like to not use disc images if possible.

So I suppose I'd really just like to use my desktop's CD drive as if it's installed on my notebook, in a way that's feasible with games. Is this possible?

Advice is greatly appreciated!