PlayStation Showcase roundup: The most exciting games coming to the PlayStation 5


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Here's the thing, being in the minority of such a large market, and not being catered to by the powers that be, are not reasons to simply stop talking about the problem.

Say these "gamers" realize the above, which you assume they already dont know, what's your point? That games becoming a homogenized blob of low effort garbage is a good thing? That people who want something innovative shouldnt speak?
My point is, maybe if they get so upset and also dissatisfied and unfulfilled by these games that are done today, then maybe stop gaming(?).

I mean they can complain all day long for the next 5 years if they think it's productive and maybe, maybe that non-stop complaining will get them 1 game that meets their standards and pretensions, maybe... or maybe not.

Would I not like more innovative, unique, incredible games that push not only the limits of graphics, but mostly the AI inside the game and the way we play, as in gameplay innovations?

SURE, I would love to see at least one game that will revolutionize gaming as we know it (without the need of VR). But I have low expectations and low hopes of seeing this happen soon, or ever.

I rather be surprised if/when it happens, than feel bad that it doesn't happen yet.

The moment that none of the new games interest me at all or satisfy my gaming tastes, I'll probably stop gaming for good. But that's just me.