Please help me with Radeon 9600 weird crashes

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I just got this 9600 256mb last week and today i was playing JO and something freaky happened. i was normally kickin *** when my screen froze, then after 5 secs, the monitor started displaying a lot of gray lines, then the comp locked up. had to restart.

after restart, I couldnt even get to the Login windows xp page. i got those gray lines all over the monitor. i restarted again in safe mode and everything worked normally. what the? ok i removed the card from My PC properties and restarted. windows started smoothly, detected the card again, ok drivers were up automatically. I said ''wee my pc is working ok again'', went to set the resloution to 1024x728 (because it was on 640x480) and BAM gray lines again, lock up.

i switched from CD drivers, official ATI drivers, omega drivers and nothing.

I had the same problem with my past card, the 9200SE 64mb, thought it only locked when i started playing Joint Operations Typhoon Rising.

cmon, i only have a week or 2 with this card, never happened before.

what could it be?

thx for any help...i need it.


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You are so out of luck! I do believe your card is dead. If it was a new card I'd try to return it. *EDIT I'd try the old 9200se in it's place first to make sure the motherboard isn't at fault, then I'd return it. /*EDIT


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The Radeon 9600 is an old card. I'm running a Sapphire Radeon 9600XT 256MB. I love this card. I bought it used last year...

As Cinders said, the card may be toast


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go to your local microcenter and ask em to check it out and c if the card is toast, is so work our way to the back were we keep the cards. hey by the way im at work rigth now but... for some reason techspot isnt showing the make new thread button????? and by the way were can i find some place to get cheap cerifications in nj? i need a+, apple, ibm
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