Please help with microsoft outlook express 6.0 email account listing problem

Jan 6, 2005
  1. My computer system crashed and had to have a full re-install performed on it, and as such i lost all settings in Outlook Express 6.0

    I am attempting to get the following settings back but need help because i cannot figure out how to do it.

    Where: Above the message list (in btwn Folder Name and Identity Name on
    grayed title bar).
    What: A list of email accounts that could be selected from to send email as
    merely by double clicking on that email account. (scrolling list box)

    How: ?????????? Help!! ??????????

    I have racked my brains looking through every option I could find, as well as Googled and visited Microsoft to no avail! If anyone can help me please shoot me an email @ Thanks so much!
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