Please help with my Lexmark z1300 (Can't Print)

By ppan1973
Nov 5, 2007
  1. For some reason 2 weeks ago my Lexmark z1300 stopped printing. Items are still being spooled, but the little spooler icon disappears quickly and nothing prints. Contacted Lexmark (see below) and installed new driver to no avail. Also purchased new Lexmark z1300 and had same problem. So, this must be a computer thing right? Am using 4-year-old HP Pavilion with Windows XP running. Thank you.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    Assuming that it connects through USB (you dont say and most new printers do) I assume its a USB fault.

    Go into the control panel (start settings control panel) and double click on system, hint you may need to change to classic view (top left of the control panel box) then click on hardware and then choose device manager.

    Scroll down the list until you find USB root hub and its associate devices then right click each entry and choose uninstall.

    Once all are gone (dont worry if any wont remove thats normal) reboot the PC.

    XP will boot back up and reinstall the USB entries, then try reinstalling the printer again.

  3. ppan1973

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    Still nothing

    Uninstalled root hub things and when restarted windows found them and installed them again. Installed printer again and still nothing. At the end of installation, when it says to "Print Test Page" I click and no page prints. Then when I finish, I try to print and it spools and nothing prints.
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