Win7 has suddenly stopped recognising my HP4110 printer ...

By emcee47
Jan 19, 2013
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  1. When I first purchased my current Win7 laptop (HP Pavilion dm1), I had all sorts of problems getting it to recognise my HP4110 printer...and HP were no help. However, thru' a mixture of my own perseverance and help from TechSpot, I finally got it connected and printing. Now it's suddenly stopped again and Windows gives me an 'USB device not recognised - Code 43 error' message.
    I have tried all the normal things of uninstalling/reinstalling the USB ports...pulling/reseating power plugs...changing the USB cable, etc., etc. No change so far.
    After de-selecting the 'power saving' boxes next for all the ports, the printer did actually spring into 'brief' live and print half a page before giving up the ghost again. On that basis - and its past history - obviously the two DO recognise each other - but something is happening to make it erratic.
    Any ideas anyone please?

    As a 'P.S.', I have just tried another USB cable in the single port on the other side of this laptop ...and it printed - twice. But that same cable got the error message when connected to either of the two ports on the other side. Trying the old cable in the 'new' port though got the error message as well. Will have to try the same combination on a few other print jobs in the morning ... but, having analysed the apparent contradictions above, I'm not holding my breath! Obviously not found the total answer yet.

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