Plextor Converter AV100U...NEED HELP USING

By wheedleus
Mar 17, 2006
  1. Hi, i recently purchased the Plextor Convertor, and i believe that i installed everything the right whay, and everything is on my computer. But when i go to capture my video into my hard disk, the computer automatically restarts, and i never get a chance to do anything....what can be the problem it's relaly frustrating?
  2. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    i'm not sure what the "plextor convertor" is, but I will assume that it is either a PCI card or a USB analog-to-digital convertor..

    If it is a PCI card, try simply moving it into a different PCI slot. Video capture cards often will have conflicts when used on the same IRQ channel as the video card. moving the card into a different slot will give it a differrent IRQ address so that it will not conflict with the video card (or onboard video chip)

    you are most likely getting a BSOD (blue screen) with an error message including the associated system file or driver that is linked to the issue. go into your system properties control panel, and under startup and recovery, uncheck the "automatically restart" box so that it won't restart before you can read the entire error message
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