PNY 4G Flash Drive not working

By LilRed
Mar 11, 2016
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  1. So, I wanted to reset my computer because I wanted to go back to Windows 8 pro, and I took all my pictures and downloads and stuff, and put them on flash drives, all the same brand, all have been used perfectly before. two out of three were fine, and then when I went to put in the last one, it made the sound like its in, and it won't open, the only place I can even see that its a thing is in the device manager, and now it's saying that there's no volume. is there any hope for getting all my stuff back, or at least making this thing work again?
  2. abhilashpiru92

    abhilashpiru92 TS Rookie

    Pen drive uses low quality components that's why its so cheap so there is really nothing to do other than throwing it to dustbin, sorry for bearing the bad news next time buy transcend or kingston drives, and hey never go for scandisk

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