PNY RTX 3000 Revel series card owners, vbios update for Resizable BAR now available!


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Okay, here's the procedure to getting Resizable BAR working on your PNY RTX 3000 Revel series card.
1. Make sure motherboard BIOS is the latest and supports Resizable BAR, and is enabled in bios.
2. Install latest Nvidia Game Ready Driver 465.89
3. Apply file from by scrolling to bottom of page, expand section titled "Nvidia Resizable BAR bios update" and select "Geforce RTX 3090" from the Revel Bios Update Tool side of the list. Download file.
4. Make SURE no overclocks on CPU or GPU are enabled, all stock clocks before flashing GPU bios. If you haven't overclocked anything yourself, don't worry about this step.
5. Run downloaded bios flash utility. Screen will flash multiple times, this is expected. Utility will ask if you want to save backup bios, say yes, then name the backup and save it. Utility will continue on after asking one more time if you're sure. Do not be surprised if it gets to around 50% or so and suddenly finishes and reports success, that's just a sign of a fast system, not a bug.
6. Utility will tell you to restart system when successfully completed. During restart, Windows may report a sudden unexpected update in progress, let it do so. When rebooted, open up Nvidia Control Panel by right clicking anywhere on open desktop and select NVIDIA Control Panel. Select Help from the top choices when Nvidia Control Panel opens. Select System Information from the drop down for Help.
7. System Information will clearly report Resizable BAR yes or no. Yes = success, no = something like Nvidia driver out of date or system bios not enabled Resizable BAR.

NOTE - The video bios update file WILL piss off Windows security which will first try to block it from running. Just hit "More Info" link and a new button for "Run Anyway" will appear. Then normal Windows screenshield will try to block it too, but you just tell it to Run Anyway again. Do not be alarmed at screen flashes while the update runs. And yes, it's a very nail biting experience to flash a video bios... This is the least painful experience I've had with it ever though, I must say. PNY provides full notes on the link above.