PNY120 is it bad?

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Apr 3, 2018
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  1. The problem I am having is that the computer will load up, and the windows screen with the with the icons comes up; but there is no pointer and moving mouse will not make it show up. Also trying the keyboard does nothing. I have F2, F9, to reset the computer's system to factory setup, and during this time the keyboard works fine. Any ideas? Could the hard drive be having problems? It is a Pny 120 GB SSD a few years old.
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    If a rolling ball mouse, clean it.
    If USB mouse and keyboard, try removing from Device Manager and rebooting - then try try different ports - then try different mouse/keyboard.

    I have had similar issues when wiring wears out from use
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    Hi. If you can't boot into windows, you may have to run chkdsk from safe mode and the command prompt.
    Here's link. You may have to use the 2nd option.
    Let us know how things go

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