Pocket-sized Karma Go hotspot promises free data every time you share your Wi-Fi

Himanshu Arora

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Wireless hotspot service Karma has unveiled a new portable wireless Internet hub. Dubbed Karma Go, the new device runs on Sprint's LTE network, and according to the company, provides internet coverage "anywhere in the United States."

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Contrary to what Littleczr said, I think that is a really nice price and deal for those who want good speeds of shared wifi without using a phone's data at slow speeds...
14 dollars per GB!? No thank you Starbucks, My College, Mall, My work ect.. is free.
For you it is great to use free wifi service. I wish I were in that position. I would have to drive twenty miles to find a free wifi connection. On my satellite service an additional 1Gig is $9.99. Being with sprint I only have Roaming access and my phone carrier is Republic which only offers 25meg's month.