Wireless hotspot service Karma has unveiled a new portable wireless Internet hub. Dubbed Karma Go, the new device runs on Sprint's LTE network, and according to the company, provides internet coverage "anywhere in the United States."

There are no contracts or monthly plans, and the data you purchase never expires. Once you're done with the initial 200MB that comes with the device, you can purchase additional data at $14 per GB, with discounts for buying in bulk. Also, you receive 100MB of free data each time you allow someone to share your hotspot.

Up to eight people can connect to the new Karma device, which boasts an Internet speed of 25mbps. It has 220 hours of standby time, can be continuously used for about five hours, and will fall back to 3G when LTE coverage is unavailable.

Karma's first hotspot, which was released back in 2012, used WiMAX for mobile data coverage. The company says, "by the time we launched, WiMAX already wasn't the future of mobile technology," adding that they'll continue to support the WiMAX network, and therefore, existing Karma devices, until the end of next year.

The Karma Go will cost $149 when it begins shipping in December. However, you can pre-order the device for $99 for the next 29 days, and if you are an existing customer, you can trade-in to get $75 off the new model.