Popcorn time

I downloaded popcorn time 2.8.Beta from techspot website to my lap top , the movies play but are choppy and seem to be buffering can anyone tell me what is happening??


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Possible reasons:
Not enough seeders
Your bandwidth is too slow
Too high of a bitrate video for your computer to handle
Any combination of the above


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Think you need to take a look at the link in my signature.

Without any more details I'm going to have to ask what the specs are for each.
Sorry about that I am not computer savy
the laptop is a HP with quad core A4 5000 accelerated processor with radeon HD graphics
500GB hard drive
4096 MB ddr3 SDRAM w/ windows 8.1
internet download speed 16.25 download
1.09 upload
I don't know what a seeder is
I also run Netflix on this laptop without any problems


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Doesn't matter what the seeders have, although if there is only 1 seeder that is likely your issue. What are the specs on your desktop?

I don't know a whole lot about the A4 5000 (or any of the APUs for that matter), but in a brief quick search, it should be handling 720p mkvs just fine, and I would guess most 1080p but again I don't know much on those. If your desktop specs are significantly higher that may tell us something.

Suppose on the laptop when things aren't playing well you can take a look at the task manager and see what your CPU usage looks like.