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Portal 2 faces backlash over paid DLC, short campaign

By Matthew ยท 59 replies
Apr 20, 2011
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  1. rareh

    rareh TS Rookie

    Well i was really disappointed.

    Short(4 hours).

    Day 1 DLC(where are the values ?)

    No DX11 or even DX10 and doesn't look like a 2011 game, looks more like a 2005 game or something ported from consoles.

    No challenge maps like in the first.

    Super easy(1st was much harder).

    No split-screen like in the console versions.

    The game tried way to hard to be funny and failed a lot of the times, i probably only laughed once.

    No "versus" multiplayer only co-op, i can imagine a race multiplayer mode where the fastest to finish the map wins.

    Not nearly enough new game mechanics.

    Lots of the puzzles were reused from the first one.

    Overpriced(if this were for 10 or 5 bucks then these issues wouldn't be much of a problem).


    My recommendation is get Portal 1, play challenge, advanced maps and download the hardest custom maps.
    Get Portal 2 when its for 5 bucks or something.
  2. Leeky

    Leeky TS Evangelist Posts: 3,797   +116

    That, and the eventual reduction in price (although not as important as your point) are the precise reasons I wait before buying a newly released game.

    Time and time again its the right decision - having severe problems playing a game would put me off so much I'd never use it again. Maybe others are more patient and don't mind, but I can't stand it. :haha:
  3. To everyone complaining about the day 1 DLC: WHY?!? If you don't like it, ten don't buy any of it. simple as that. There are people in this planet, believe it or not, who WILL spend their hard earned money on these items. Why? because they WANT TO. Valve isn't forcing anyone to buy these DLC items. Not buying them doesn't make the game worse for any of you. I don't see why you get so upset about this.

    I hope you all realize that the game industry is simply that, AN INDUSTRY. If you want a high production game, it takes a high budget.How does a company obtain a high budget? HIGH SALES. The developers need the money so they can not only pay their staff, but also get funds for their projects. People these days get so hung up on whether they get enough game play time or free content. If developers gave all of this stuff away, then there would be no budget for anything else.

    Believe it or not, all the games you enjoy needed MONEY TO MAKE THEM. without this profit, you wouldn't be playing games. It's as simple as that. If they can make a profit off of dlc that some people actually WANT, then by all means I'd love to see them do so. It just means more money to more good games. If you don't think they're good, don't buy them. But don't act surprised that a COMPANY is trying to MAKE MONEY. It's how the world functions properly people.
  4. Omnislip

    Omnislip TS Rookie Posts: 91

    Loads more chambers would have been really boring. I feel they got exactly the right balance between doing chambers, running away and doing the Bioshock-like exploring of something unknown.
  5. just finished the game, both single and co-op. While the gameplay was as good as could be expected, I feel ripped off due to the length of the game. I don't care what anyone says, thats the last time I spend any money on the Portal franchise. If there's a part 3, im going to piratre it and get back what I'm owed from this game.
  6. I feel robbed to be honest. If I could get my money back I wouldn't hesitate :( damn peer pressure.
  7. Valve is all about the money. They make some quality stuff, but they charge 10X what anyone else does for the same amount of game play. It would be great if they gave you 10X the game play, but usually it is only 2X, but people eat it up.

    I despise steam and valve software, but I give them credit for doing what they do well, make money.
  8. lawfer

    lawfer TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,270   +91

    I got the game from Skidrow (as I usually do to find out if the games is worth buying), and I found out that if I had payed 60 bucks for it, I would have been ripped off. Portal 2, as ingenious as the gameplay can be, is simply NOT worth $40-$60 dollars. It's just not.

    Still, Top 10 game of 2011 easily though...
  9. Per Hansson

    Per Hansson TS Server Guru Posts: 1,946   +200

    I have not bought the game, but I have played the original and really liked it.
    I very much remember Valve saying that Portal 1 was just a "training ground" or similar wording about Portal 1, hinting that the second game would be much more difficult...

    But most PC users are saying that the complexity of the rooms have been brought down, and that there is no longer any extremely accurate timing or aiming required like there was in the first game where you had to get multiple portals right while you where in the air sometimes.

    This trailer is from last year, a promotion for Portal 2, it shows what I am speaking about.

    If I'm reading the comments right then the Portal 2 that was released was "dumbed down" from this, I guess to cater better to the controllers on a console not offering anywhere near the level of precision a mouse + keyboard offers...
  10. $30 dollar game. I would pay $9.99 for additional 100 puzzle puzzle packs.
  11. The crashes I speculate are related to pirated copies. Everyone I know has had no problems and they own legit copies.
  12. Adhmuz

    Adhmuz TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,769   +598

    I can confirm that none of the puzzle are any where near the complexity of whats seen in that video, the only time I found it difficult was when I was falling asleep and couldn't concentrate properly (Long day of work and only got to the game at 10:00 PM) This was also towards the end of the game. Honestly the game was fun and can understand the cost of development that went into it, its worth playing just the price is a tad steep. On PC at $45 isn't too bad but it should have retailed at $40 and pre-purchase should have been closer to the $30 mark, console gamers are getting hosed as usual but that's not really my concern. Overall it took no more then 4 hours to play through at a steady pace and I do feel a little empty after, I don't feel "ripped off" just there was a lack of satisfaction. Maybe its the lack of replay ability or the linear nature of the game, maybe its just me.
  13. Adhmuz

    Adhmuz TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,769   +598

    I've had graphical glitches and a single crash, I did purchase the game and not pirate it. Might be a crossfire issue.
  14. Relic

    Relic TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,379   +16

    I do feel I got my moneys worth from Portal 2, especially considering some retailers were selling it for as low as $35 dollars before launch which is unheard of for a big release. However I am still a bit let-down with some decisions Valve made. I honestly expected the single-player to be longer, especially considering the early chapters were more of a reboot to catch up new players then a true sequel. Also all the loading between different rooms/chambers was kind of irritating. In any case, I'm sure these issues will be addressed by either Valve or the community in the coming months, at least I hope so :) .

    Regarding the DLC, I can understand some of the frustration and feeling as if Valve is trying to nickel & dime everything, especially since this isn't a true multiplayer game like TF2. In my opinion they should have waited to add the in-game store until they release a major content patch. Either way, it is still being blown out of proportion considering that these are cosmetic changes only.

    Indeed, the difficulty was definitely not what I imagined. I knew going in that the early part of the game was likely going to feel more like a reboot then a sequel and this is very much the case in the first couple of chapters. However continuing deeper into single-player the complexity never really grew to a degree where I was left stumped. Pretty much every puzzle I figured out by just a glance at the room rather then trial & error like the first. And while the new gel game-mechanics were a lot of fun, the lack of challenging timing & portal precision was absolutely missed.

    Why are you even here posting on this 'little' blog? Clearly it's beneath you...or more likely you're just trolling. Get over it, not everyone here is going to share the same opinion as you. These complaints are being covered by several gaming & tech blogs, shoot even G4 who has a cable channel talked about it.
  15. Relic

    Relic TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,379   +16

    Here is a comprehensive post about all the bugs found so far in Portal 2. Maybe someone has a solution for your issue? This game isn't demanding whatsoever so ya you don't even need crossfire, but I'm sure you're already aware of this.
  16. Portal 2 was perfectly paced. I can't believe people are using "length" as an argument for the single-player, this isn't half-life 2. You are solving puzzles that get increasingly difficult and challenging throughout the game. What Valve did was sacrifice length for gameplay and story, and rightfully so. If it was any longer it would have gotten old. Puzzles can only get so hard.
    The story is not 4 hours, it is 6-12 depending on ability. Anyone who claims it's 4 hours can either not keep track of time or no-clipped their way through it.
    Also, how can it possibly be a console port? Valve has ALWAYS been PC first. They developed it using PC tools designed FOR the PC and released to the public. The only thing that seemed "Consoley" to me is the loading screen mishap and the menu was scrollable using your arrow keys.
    The Store is another thing entirely. I can't believe that people are such big babies that they are complaining that you can buy little stickers and flags for your co-op robots. Valve will never sell things you are required to purchase like new DLC. They're stickers and hats people.
  17. Kayden

    Kayden TS Rookie

    So your view on Crysis 2 with the whole "press start" thing is what? I could be an *** here but I'm not because I think your view is very short sighted because if they had proper work on the PC ver (both companies) this would not have happened. It is just ludicrous to give them wiggle room with this kind of stuff because we are seeing the proof in the pudding right there but you want to give them something they don't deserve when this is happening more and more with devs?!? I am a hardcore PC gamer I also play console games but I can not enjoy them as I do on the PC because I like speed and efficency and my PC hardware has both, console not so much. Examples: like looking around, load times and etc. Devs (valve and crytek included) are getting lazy and PC gamers are being treated with sloppy seconds plain and simple so it is justified to call this a Console Port through and through. I have no problems with other games keep this in mind Bulletstorm wasn't that great but I didn't feel like I was playing console port even though the level design did suggest it but it wasn't in my face like P2 or C2.
  18. Quality over quantity. That is all I have to say.

    I've beaten the single player twice, working on the co-op, and honestly, it seems to me that the only people complaining are those who cannot appreciate the story. The pacing was awesome, the writing was hilarious, and the voice actors were phenomenal. I don't feel ripped off in the slightest; you can really see all the effort put into this game.

    And anyways, this is not an RPG, this is a PUZZLE game. Anything more than 8 hours would just be boring.
  19. I'm pretty sure you've got your head up your butt; I go to a restaurant and pay $70, I expect a GOOD prime rib when I order a prime rib, not a McDonald's happy meal. I buy a game for $70 you have EVERY RIGHT to expect a game that is developed for the PC, and has more then 8-10hrs play total MP-SP. and if you do plan to charge this amount then you'd better be giving away DLC and extras online, which they most definitely are not..
  20. single player is way too short. defiantly not worth the money. sort it out valve.
  21. Puiu

    Puiu TS Evangelist Posts: 2,412   +880

    The game is just really fun. Why can't people accept that and stop the stupid flaming?
    quality over quantity. How many games have bought and stopped playing in the middle?
    and what's wrong with supporting indie games?
    i've seen people complaining about the graphics. it's a beautiful looking game and if you can't see this then you just want to complained and you don't know how.
    PS: the metacritic score for the PC is rising: 7.8 as of writing this.
  22. I for one dissagree with a lot that was being said. Portal 2 was Fantastic! the length? Considering the amount of gameplay between the single and multiplayer was amazing. Heres how I break it down.

    Gameplay: 10
    Humor: 10 (any game that can make me actually laugh out loud multipal times wins IMO)
    Challenge: 8 (I played the first portal and I consider myself very good at the game.)
    Length: 10 (I played all the way through single and multi-player. Length is just fine considering the first one was extreamly short)
    Price on things in the stoer: 2 (I agree, things were way too expensive in the online store. Suggestion; make them ALL unlockable? due to achivements or something along those lines? I for one bought the whole pack for 34.99, which was said to be an $80 value.)

    All in all.. the game is fantastic. Look past the stupid parts that ALL games have, and Enjoy the game!

    ~$ilver $p0oN
  23. I don't care. I paid 38 dollars for Portal 2. I haven't paid full price for a game for ages.
  24. Just wait for a couple of months Valve will put this on sale at USD 15.00 or so. it happened to Left 4 Dead 2 so it should happen to Portal 2. Also, it should be able to correct all the bugs this game has and maybe include a couple of DLC's as free for that matter.

    Buying a Steam game on Day 1 does not cut it these days, look at Black Ops. Unplayable until after a month or 2 from release.
  25. Zecias

    Zecias TS Booster Posts: 202

    for the people that dont think the game is worth the money maybe your should wait?
    you know there are these things called sales where u can get stuff for cheaper right?

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