Possible Rootkit?

By Saint Jimmy
Jan 3, 2014
  1. Last night I turned on my moms laptop and after it connected to WiFi, what sounded like a radio station came on, without Google Chrome or Internet Explorer being open. I opened the Audio Mixer, and there was a program that was running in it. It said "Name not available". I looked up this problem and found out that this could possibly be a root kit. I worked for about 8-10 hours on this laptop trying to get this off. I have ran Malwarebytes, Avira, Windows Defender(all full scans). I have also used Rouge Killer, TDSS Killer, Security Check, ADWcleaner, Combo fix, Hijack this, Hitman pro, Emsisoft Emergency kit, Junkware Removal tool, and Spybot Search and Destroy. NOTHING WORKS. This is my last resort. I need an expert. Thanks for all who respond and are willing to help.
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