Power on failure or blue screen of death?!

By Ali Rocker
Jul 17, 2012
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  1. Hi.here is my unique problem. it all started a month ago when my pc didn't turn on.it happened like that it was on but there were no screen and I realized it's rebootin again and again 2 seconds in a row.after that I changed my power.since I realize that's the prob.but after I bought a new power (which was tested) the problem continued.I mean it did't fix.(just turned on once).then I figured out a rediculous way to turn it on.I started changing the place of "reset sw" that is for the reset button on the case by pluging it in to beside simular slots.and after doing that for several time or in cases one time pc boots.(cuz still does).but after a while it started to crash with death blue screen and most of the time says irql less or not equal.which I also found a way for that! I did these things randomly to turn it on.clearing cmos.removing ram and powering on pc then putting it back and powering again,changin hard drive port to another (right) slot,and even once removing and puttin back cpu ( but I didn't power on the pc when I removed it.) and it all used to work till tonigh.that whatever I do it ends up with the blue death after about ten min after I work with pc.now I'm really stuck and I really have no Idea what to do.so only if you can help me that means (blieve me!) alot to me.I'll really be thankful!!!

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