Power supply smells like burning rubber while gaming

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Jan 16, 2005
  1. Hi,
    since yesterday while i was playing hl2, or splinter cell or any intense game my power supply fan starts giving off a smell like burning rubber is this normal?...it's only the power supply that does...i have a Powerlab 480w power supply that came with my Logysis phantom case...i have a PCI-e Sapphire ATI Radeon X800 pro and I have two 4-pins converted into the 6-pin needed for PCI-e...

    Motherboard: EPoX EP-5EPA+
    Processor: Intel Prescott P4 3.4 ghz w/ HT not overclocked
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    Looks like you have a pretty potent system there. And it's power hungry. It sounds like it probably is your power supply, although the fans could be pulling something through it from inside the case. But if it's as you describe, I would think if it was from something else, your computer would not be running.

    I suspect that you might need a better power supply. By that I mean don't just look at the watts. Your power supply puts out 16A on the twelve volt line, and that could be a little light. I would suggest that you need something with at least 18A, and you could very well need more than that to be on the safe side.

    If you decide you need a new power supply, look for something like an Antec, Enermax, or Thermaltake. There are others to pick from also. Just be sure you get a quality power supply, check the twelve volt rail, and pay less attention to the wattage.
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    thanks for the reply...yeah that's what i was suspecting...this power supply is worth $13 if bought separately...im looking at the Aspire 520W power supply...this one gives out 35A on +12V and im hoping it will do...i just got a replacement of this powerlab one and i can already smell the smoke from this new one...so im pretty sure it's just the quality and amps...thanks...btw the link to the aspire power supply is: http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=17-148-008&depa=0
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    I wouldn't recommend using the power supplys that come with cases, unless your running a small system (no extra drives or fans or anything like that - just bare bones basically).

    Also, I recommend Enermax power supplys. They are the best, hands down, but they will cost you (not really any more than any other decent power supplys though).
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