PowerColor Radeon X1800XT 512mb GDDR 3 wrong clock speed

By Taxidermy ยท 11 replies
Mar 12, 2006
  1. Hey, new member here.

    I have a problem with my Powercolor Radeon X1800XT 512

    In the Catalyst Control center in the override tab my Core and memory speed is too low according to what they SHOULD be.

    They are:
    Core Clock Speed: 593 Mhz (it Should be 625 Mhz, and I can rasie it too 690)
    Memory Clock Speed: 668 mhz (It should be 1.5 Ghz, and I can rasie it too 800)

    The temperature is according to teh control center 61`C.

    Ive tried, driver Cleaner, Reinstalling windows,Bios update, all teh different ATI drivers (including the omega ones) Different version of Direct X 9 and 3dMark 03-06. And My fps and scores are lower than they should be.
    For instance in 3dmark 03 I get 11000 marks.

    Ive checked all the cables and they all look like they should.
    I recently got my computer and built it myself, and ive been looking forward for some eyecandy in my games, but now im starting to dislike ATI..
    Can anyone help me?

    my specs:

    Pentium 4 3,4 Ghz 64-bit
    Corsair Value S. PC4200 1024 DDR 2 x2
    410 GB Western Digital 16 mb 7200 RPM
    Hiper type-R 580 W Silent 18db
    ATI Radeon X1800XT 512 GDDR3 PCIex-16
    ASUSP5ND2-SLI, nForce4 SLI Intel, GB LAN
    Saitek 1600dpi gaming mouse
    Logitech Media Keyboard Elite

    If its due to the nForce 4 chip and Nvidia and ATI not "working together", is there any solutions?

    And I got an SLI nForce 4 board due to me getting dual Nvidia Cards in some years when DX 11 or 12 is around.
  2. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Posts: 390

    hmm that is odd. your core speed is off and your memory is even farther off (82mhz could boost you a lot >_< ) Do you have the latest nforce drivers? how bout your bios? have you checked your clock settings there? set your PCIe to default (i think its 100mhz) and yea.. jus check around in your BIOS and make sure everythings ok there.

    I would call PowerColor right away and demand some answers about this 'crippled' card
  3. Taxidermy

    Taxidermy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    My BIOS is good, and my PCI has the right settings, I have all the newest drivers and have attempted everything I can software wise (I think I have atleast) That includes Driver Cleaner removal of drivers, formatting and reinstalling windows and uptading my BIOS.

    I didnt order it from PowerColor
    But I will send them A Mail, ive only had the card for 5 days now..
  4. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Posts: 390

    Oh ok, well then.. with all other things set aside and no other way to try and fix this, It would be best to call the manufacturer themselves (yes, even if you didnt order it from PowerColor. If, for example, you call newegg.. they'd prolly tell u to call PowerColor anyway)

    They seem like a reputable company (had a PowerColor card once) so you may w ant to try calling them and not waiting for hours on hold. Also they have a small community with some experts in their video cards. You might also want to try posting this problem there as you may find someone who is (or was) in the same situation as you are right now.

    Good luck and please dont forget to post back here if you do find a solution. It would really help the community help others =] and sorry I/we couldn't help you on this
  5. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,185   +469

    I don't know enough about CCC to explain the differences in the reported numbers, but my Asus X1900XTX has similar differences. Keep in mind that DDR means double data rate so you need to double the reported memory clock speed to get your actual speed so you're not as far off as you think.

    I haven't yet but have you run the automated clock configuration utility? Perhaps that will set the correct clock speed. I think the low range shown allows for the possibility of underclocking if you wanted to for some reason.
  6. mattw

    mattw TS Rookie Posts: 88

    i think the memory clock speed is doubled (dunno where i heard this, but im pretty certain thats what it is lol) giving you near 1.5ghz in your case.

    personnally i wouldnt worry about it, if you are concerned then try returning that card and get a replacement.
  7. Taxidermy

    Taxidermy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Here is a screencap from my CCC, everything looks normal I guess =(
    So why are things all screwy?

    And Il try the automated clock thing, screen taken in idle mode.
  8. truflip

    truflip TS Rookie Posts: 390

    it is doubled. DDR = double data rate.. so if ur memory says 750mhz, then its 1.5ghz (1500mhz)
  9. joffy

    joffy TS Rookie

    I've just installed a Powercolor X1800XT and I too have simular values...
    Core Clock in MHz 594 MHz
    Memory Clock in MHz 693 MHz

    Riva Tuner:
    $0900000000 Graphics core : R520 (16x1)
    $0900000002 Memory bus : 256-bit
    $0900000001 Memory type : DDR3 SGRAM
    $0900000003 Memory amount : 512MB
    $0900000004 Core clock : 594.000MHz
    $0900000005 Memory clock : 693.000MHz (1386.000MHz effective)
    $0900000006 Reference clock : 27.000MHz

    So is this ok or is something wrong with these cards?
  10. joffy

    joffy TS Rookie

    I've just been told on another forum that thats the 2d clocks, once you run a game etc they go up to the stated clocks.
  11. olefarte

    olefarte TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 1,345   +13

    I can confirm what joffy said. I have an MSI 1900XTX and it does the same thing. It shows clock speed at 500Mhz and memory at 594Mhz, reqested at 648Mhz and 774Mhz. The lower speeds are the 2D speeds. It will increase to the "requested" speed when playing a game. If you use Overdrive, it will show whatever speed you overclock to in the "requested" box.
  12. james_k1988

    james_k1988 TS Rookie Posts: 163

    I have the exact same card, with the exact same Issue. I was worried about the same thing for a while but kinda forgot about it, but this has put my mind at ease :stickout: Also answeared anotehr question that was on my Mind. that why in the CCC it said the requested clock was 690 for GPU an 800 for Memory, but on ati tool it said they were always at there older settings , now i know it goes up only during games :suspiciou

    otherwise a great card, all games run great for me. yet to see the full power of the card though, my PC is bottlenecked with my CPU , looking forward to a big FPS jump when i get me a Amd 4000+ :D
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