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Hi guys,

My ISP gives me a static IP together with PPPoE username and password. I have zyxtel prestige 600 modem router(1 port) and also (4-port)linksys router.

I'd like to use my advantages on my static ip so i install a webserver IIS on my pc running windows xp pro operating system.

Bad news is everytime i connect zyxtel modem directly to my pc, i get different ip so it means my modem is dhcp. And theres no possiblity i can browse my webserver using other network but the static ip given can be ping.

And if i connect my modem to the router and router to my pc connecting to the isp using dhcp, it also gives the same dhcp ip. But when i tried using pppoe connection on my linksys router entering my user and pass to connect to my isp, it gives me the static ip. and i tried to ping that ip using other network it gives me request time out.

it seems when using pppoe connection i got request timeout when i tried pinging, but when i use dhcp connection, i can ping the ip but it generates another ip to my modem and router.

can someone give brief explaination and solution on what is happening on my connection? Is there any possiblity that i can make my webserver and pages to work. am i having the problem or is it my isp and their pppoe connection?

thanks in advance


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I would first try only hooking up 1 computer(static tcp/ip settings) to your router and your routers WAN port to your dsl modem. reset the router and modem by pressing the button on the back (normally labeled and you have to use a paperclip) for 15 seconds each. after that unplug the power to both your router and modem and plug the back in at the same time. the default ip of the linksys will be and your modem should be either or (those are a couple). enter the proper pppoe settings in the modem (if possible). if not you can always use the linksys to store the pppoe information.


All you need to do to access your IIS on your lan is to port forward to that systems IP address. BUT WHICH address?

Typically your router will be x.x.x.1 and your systems will be assigned sequential addresses in the order of connection to the router. To ensure your IIS is always
at the same location

  1. make your IIS server have a static address (say x.x.x.10)
  2. on that system, use View Network Connections and the properties of the lan connection to manually add the settings (don't use Automatic)
  3. reduce your DHCP address range to x.x.x.2->x.x.x.9
  4. save the settings

Now port forward ports 80 and 443 to x.x.x.10
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