Printing problems

By charlie muffin
Jan 11, 2010
  1. Hi,
    I'm running out of ideas to solve a printing problem which has just started.
    The order and detail may be a little random but i'm happy to provide any info as requested.
    I've a Sony Vaio laptop connected by USB Port to a Epson Stylus D88.
    Its been working fine in the past but suddenly i'm having problems and i don't know what's changed.
    I was told to uninstall and try again however it seems that my PC didn't completely uninstall as when i tried to start again it had no problem identifying it.
    I can happily run maintenance checks but when i try and print a Word doc etc. it seems to stall as "pending" in the print queue.
    I right click on the "printer" in the bottom right but when i try and click on its name i get "unable to open printer status window for this printer", however i can see properties and preferences from the queue.
    I've tried to "add printer driver and get a message "The file E_S2ORN.EXE on Epson Stylus D88 series is needed. is this my problem? do i need to download the Epson drivers again?
  2. charlie muffin

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    printing probbs

    Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Just downloaded all the drivers agian and it appears to have fixed the problem. Don't know how i managed to lose a file but we're printing again which is good. Cheers
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