Pro Fortnite streamer now legally required to stream with his mom


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Did he have to pay Tax on the $5000 he'd won?
What does that have to do with anything? That's a issue for his parents and the IRS.
Why does the USA even have laws to pay taxes on winnings from competitions, it's so stupid. Get with the times and scrap that dumb law.


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It's one thing to enter a under 13 race as a 21 year old and destroy them but if the reverse happened, like here, where you have a 13 year old destroy the adults and then get penalized it's downright discrimination.
Except in the case of twitchy video games the reverse is true. Being over 40, I can't compete against younger players... so entering a video game tournament as a younger player that is age restricted to older people is probably an advantage.

Also, its not up to us to decide the why or how of Fortnight's tournament age rules. They just are what they are and you either qualify or you don't. If he won a tournament under false pretenses, the prizes should be returned. (and if it makes sense, the rules changed... but that only applies going froward.) Entry into a tournament is a contractual agreement between the host and the participants who sign up (go ahead and read the fine print on any of them), you literally *sign* an agreement in some form or other to participate. Neither side is free to break the terms of the contract or act in bad faith. It may suck for him, but this kid did that.

But to your point,again, his youth was probably actually an advantage against 19-30 year olds. His reflexes are only going to get worse, not better.