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By john jurss
Aug 2, 2010
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  1. Hi,All

    Since I retired from music I have taken an interest in computers as well as software(having beta-tested a number of them).

    Looking on the internet there are millions of people with as many problems with their computers; system restore won't work etc.

    I have been very pleased in having run into a plethora of problems,and have been able to solve each one of them.If anyone has a problem that I can help with,please let me know.

    Here's one:My system restore doesn't work but keeps on creating restore points even when I turn it off.It never deletes any of the points,as a message advises me "no more disc space".

    1.Turn off your System Restore.

    2.Get either a program called "Farstone" or "Komodo" - They always work.

    And another: My Windows Explorer has encountered a problem.....

    Turn the blasted thing off, and get a freeware program called "Explorer XP"

    For me,it has never had a problem,and,unlike the Windows version,it will show you a folder in your C: Drive called "System Volume Information"
    This folder,when opened,will show you every one of your restore points as -
    RP.1,RP2,RP3,etc.Get a good freeware Shredder,and get rid of the lot,as the other restoration programs that I mentioned create their own restore points.

    p.s.When you use the shredder,it will never shred a System file,or a file "in use" if you use Explorer XP.

    I hope these few suggestions will help someone,


    John Jurss
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,131   +983

    first, try to get some free space by using Run->cleanmgr

    this will find and ask permission to delete tons of temp files and do so without using the
    Recycle Bin.

    this should allow some other options to be successful, like disabling System Restore Points.
    It SRP can be disabled, then the second ton of free space will appear.
    HIGHLY recommend you immediately reenable it with a reduced size, say 5GB.
  3. bobcat

    bobcat TechSpot Paladin Posts: 688   +67

    Without disagreeing with anything said above, I make a few comments.

    Indeed, much space can be created by using the Windows disk cleaning facility, supplemented by 3rd party cleaners. Also by deleting all restore points but the last one from time to time. However, modern disks are huge and cheap, so that space no longer has a high premium. Furthermore, despite popular belief due to which I expect some reactions, cleaning NTFS disks does not increase system performance, it’s just considered good practice.

    I also agree that it’s not a good idea to disable System Restore Points. At most, they can be replaced by regular registry backups, but they also take up space. Personally, I consider as the best policy to leave SRPs, if necessary with a reduced total size, and supplement with ad hoc registry backup when performing certain tasks like trying new software. These registry backups should be deleted when no longer needed.
  4. john jurss

    john jurss TS Rookie Topic Starter


    With regard to restore points/snapshots,my experience has taught me that the computer does slow down as these points build up.Have you ever seen a folder usin windows explorer called "SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION"?. I have never been able to find it as I did not know it even existed,as windows explorer never displayed this folder.

    It became a little frustrating as every day I kept on getting the message "Windows Explorer has encountered a problem etc."
    I don't use that useless annoying program anymore,and have not had a problem since.
    My suggestion is to anyone who is interested in this matter.

    1.Download a freeware program called "EXPLORER XP" which is a third party program.
    2.Activate the program,and look at the tree on the left.It will show you the folder that I mentioned.Open the folder,and it will show you every restore point/snapshot along with the size of each one.Get a good freeware shredder,keep as many points as you want,and shred the rest.The whole exercise will take about a minute.

    Originally I set my restore points at 5G,but it made no difference.I had 29G of restore points.

    I also want to discuss things like-

    Alternative System Restore Programs.
    Windows hotfixes and updates
    SP3 (as well as SP2)
    Motherboards,Jumpers,and also how to recover every piece of data from a hard drive that,according to windows,is totally empty,and can not be formatted.

    I have an Asus Midi Tower computer running at 3.00Ghz
    Connected to this computer I have 2 TB drives,2 320G drives,and 1 160G drive.
    The machine hums like a bird.

    p.s.I like to use non-technical terms whenever possible as not every computer owner is an IT expert.Some barely know how to turn it on.

    Like to know your thoughts on this.

    John Jurss

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