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Problem staying connected with TL-WN951N

By fnugen
Oct 22, 2008
  1. I fought to get my wireless adapter in and working. Finally after a few hours of it continuously "failure to install correctly" and netting me the lovely yellow exclamation in device manager............I tried this morning in safe mode and it went in fine. I have it working........sort of. Now, if I stay and continue working online it seems fine, if I leave it for 10 mins or so.........it SHOWS as connected, but I get nowhere online and my MSN is disconnected. I right click/repair....it disables and then enables it and does whatever else it does........and I'm good again, for a short while. I am running a D-link DIR615 wireless router. I have 2 other cards in 2 PC's I haven't had the chance to check.....my GF running vista on her laptop has no connectivity issues. I have the latest drivers installed as well. The other 2 cards went in without any troubles as well. I even tried all 3 cards into my PC before giving up for the night. Anybody have any suggestions as to how I can get a constant connection without worrying that if I take a shower I will show connected but not be connected as far as MSN and my browsers are concerned !?! All ideas are welcome thanks.
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