Problem with burning music tracks onto CDs

By Barry Davies ยท 4 replies
Feb 6, 2006
  1. With my new PC I have been trying for the first time to burn music tracks onto a blank CD. On the face of it, no problem and the CD does play when played through the PC. However, when I try to play the CD on normal CD players there is no response and the players don't seem to recognise that there is even a CD there. I initially used a normal CD-RW, then a CD-RW specifically for recording music - but still no joy. Copyright is not an issue since the tracks are taken from CDs that I already own. Any suggestions, please?

    Barry Davies
  2. sjps220

    sjps220 TS Rookie Posts: 106

    I'm not positive but you might try closing the session on the cds that you're burning. Have you tried other burned cds in the cd players your testing with before?
  3. cookiedude

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    Normal cd players tend to be very tempremental with regards to reading rewritable cds. Have you checked the specs of the cd player to see if it is compatible with CD-RW discs? Have you tried using CD-R discs? I always use CD-Rs now as i found CD-RWs to be too unpredictable!
  4. Barry Davies

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    Burning music tracks onto a CD

    The answer to my query, as suggested by cookiedude, is to use CD-Rs rather than CD-RWs.

    Thanks for the responses.

    Barry Davies
  5. YellowC4S

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    If you are going to play your CD's in regular CD players, I would suggest not burning any faster than 4x speed.
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