problem with dell oem audigy 2 and z-680s

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Aug 10, 2003
  1. I posted this over at the dell forum

    I reformated/installed WinXP Pro SP1 and loaded up all my drivers. I see no decode tab in AUDIO HQ for the Audigy 2. This is with the Dell provided Audigy drivers and the ones that i used to update from creative's site. Second problem is, I no longer have 5.1 sound on my logitech z-680's. I enabled 5.1 sound in surround mixer and clicked on digital out only. Im connected via coax on the z-680s. Dont be afraid to reply with specific technical lingo as I am computer literate. However, this problem is eluding me. Regards.

    I have the dell oem audigy 2 and for some reason, I cant find that decoder tab, no matter the driver i have installed. Does anyone know of a registry hack or patch that I can access it another way? I really really need to have it...

    and what this heck is goin on with the speakers...only 2 channels! please help
  2. TS | Thomas

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    1. You need to install original Drivers from Creative if you want the Decoder tab, I *think* has them, not sure. Anyway, Dell went a bit cheap with the Audigy 2 which is why no decoder tabs available.

    2. The Z-680 doesn't support the 5.1 digital input that the Audigy 2 uses (Via a proprietary digital output). Use the analog outputs to connect to the Z-680 instead (You'll get 5.1 output that way, plus it should sound better anyway). If you really want to use the digital output then leave that for AC-3/DTS output (Which of course it can decode & player over 5.1 channels).
  3. acemonster

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    No, because I had the Z-680's connected via the coax to mini rca cable and it was working perfect before the reinstall. So I am completely stumped as to why its not working properly now.
  4. TS | Thomas

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    You might have had ProLogic 2 or something enabled on the Z-680. That system doesn't feature 3X PCM inputs that the Audigy/Audigy 2's multichannel digital output uses.
  5. acemonster

    acemonster TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That may be, but then again, how was it working before I formated? I completely understand you, but dont agree, because I originally had it working with 5.1 sound pre-formating.
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