Name Not Available but not infection and Other Sound Related Issues

By Nathan R
Jan 10, 2016
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  1. So a while back my mobo's (AM 3+ Asrock Fatal1ty Killer 990fx) built in sound card was super glitchy and going in and out with audio. It was running realtek driver software, so I made sure it wasn't a driver issue (deleting, reinstalling, repairing, all that jazz) and it didn't help. So I thought, "Eh, whatever, I'll just get a sound card and get a better quality anyway." Grabbed a Sound Blaster Z from Creative Labs off Amazon, slapped that sucker in and thought all my problems were gone despites Creative's terrible design for set up. Had some driver issues here and there, but eventually got it working.

    A while later, it starts making me do restarts to get any audio and would slomo videos till I did. Then it started shutting off my wifi adapter (though I only noticed this till after I switched to all wifi so the problem may have been there before).

    That was annoying but I had put the issue on the back burner since really I all I had to do was power up and restart and the computer worked fine. THEN a few weeks later I got the dreaded Name Not Available thing in the volume mixer, which for some crazy reason is denying ANY offline media player audio and has taken away my ability to control the output audio (can control on the physical speakers but not what the computer itself outputs). Had a malware annihilator on here check it out (thread here and he says the computer is clean. So... now what?

    Running Win 10 that converted from a Win 7 Pro I believe.
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