Problem with keyboard probably due to a spyware

By q_a26
Jan 9, 2008
  1. hi to all,
    here my problem: my laptop has been infekted with a haktool rootkit. befora i remove it my keyboard become strange. my fn key, c, echap ,F.. and other keys just stopped working; the blue keys hotkeys)work without pressing fn, some numbers don t work also . its not hardware problem.
    i downloaded a spyware remover and it seems that it detected and removed the trojan but the keyboard is still not working correctly. i tried even installing again the OS win xp but in vain it didn t solved my problem. when i search for virus or spyware i dont find any. what am i supposed to do it s driving me crasy.
    when i plug an usb keyboard it works correctly.
    i tried uninstalling the laptop keyboard, the driver utility and reinstalling it but still not working too.
    i have an asus Z92j series
    please anyone help me. is it really because of this virus or is it another problem. if yes how to solve it
    thanks in advance for your time
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