Problem with new Radeon 9800PRO 256M DDR

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Jul 19, 2005
  1. my computer has this: Dimension 8250 Series Intel Pentium 4 Processor at 2.4GHz , RDram 512 ,E171FP Flat Panel Display, WinXP Home Edition Service Pack 2 , the problem is that I uninstalled the drivers from my previous GeForce 4 MX 420 card and I installed the drivers for the 9800PRO.I cannot install the ati display driver , i click on setup in the driver folder in the drivers cd and it loads and minimizes to the words install wizard and then exits. I downloaded from the Sapphire website a display driver and it did the same thing. This might be the problem. the Catalyst control center will not open yet its installed. when i
    reboot my computer it says that it did not detect a ati display driver. I installed the 9800 PRO card into the computer connected it to the power supply. turned it on and the screen was scrambled with different colors. it was messed up. I tried putting the dvi converter on the dvi and i put the vga on that and it still didnt work. i do not know what the problem is could it be the motherboard or what? any help please can a dell dimension 8250 series support the 9800pro
  2. driven420

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    try to install the card first than install the driver. that might work
  3. zephead

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    if the machine won't post, you've got a hardware problem on your hands. in that case, i'd suspect that dell's pathetic oem power supply cannot power the added load of said 9800.
  4. CorpusChristi

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    still have not fixed problem but i cannot install the ati display driver from the driver's cd . its progress bar fully completes then minimizes and its tab says "installation wizard" (with the arrows), then exits. I have dled other ati display drivers from differrent sites including ati and sapphire however it still does the same thing. This might be why i see messed up colors on boot up with the 9800 pro video card installed. This is the only driver i need. ati display driver or adapter?
  5. Sharkfood

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    This is very confusing.. can you power-up with the card installed or not? Where are you getting the jumbled colors? Right after post or when Windows loads?

    It's quite possible your system indeed is under powered for that card. Most Dells have 200 or 250W power, and if that's a P4/RDRAM system, it's like fairly taxed.. even moreso if the power supply is a few years old.

    You should also consider a "clean" install. Hit and download driver cleaner pro. Use it's Live Update then follow ALL the instructions. It's to be run in Safe Mode by Administrator, no internet connection afterwards for best results (i.e. download the display drivers to your desktop). You should first use all the uninstalls you can find in Control Panel, Add/remove programs for the MX and the ATI drivers prior.
  6. zephead

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    to rule out the possibliity of a currupted installation file(s), download the latest version of catalyst form the ati website and install it.
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