Problem with Windows 7

By presss
Feb 2, 2012
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  1. So here is the issue.
    I was running Windows 7 Home Premium edition.
    It crashed a week back. It dint work at all. It just showed the black screen with a cursor at bootup.
    So i had to use my pen drive to install the OS again.
    But the thing is when i installed it, all the previous files got stored in windows.old folder in the hard drive. I took backup of all the files.
    So should i delete that folder from the hard drive? And if i do does it mean I have only one OS in my system?

    Please help me with the same.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. The Windows.old folder contains all the files from the "crashed" Windows 7 install. I believe your My Documents, My Music, My Videos, Downloads, etc. would be in a path similar to this, C:\Windows.old\Users\YourUsername\ If you did create a backup of those files in a location completely outside of the Windows.old folder, then yes, it's safe to delete the Windows.old folder. Just make sure anything that is in Windows.old that you wish to keep is backed up before you delete it.

    Even though the Windows.old folder is present on your hard drive, it should not be accessible as a functioning OS. So yes, you only have one Windows OS on your computer currently.
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    If you are getting a boot menu with Windows 7 and Previous Version of Windows or something similar and you want to get rid of it you can go to the System Control Panel. Then Advanced system settings in left sidebar, then click settings on startup and recovery. Uncheck the Time to display list of operating systems box.

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