By DestroyersF8
Oct 24, 2005
  1. I hope this wasn't a double-post, for I am new here....

    Anyway my specs:

    -Asus A7N8X 2.0 with latest bios
    -2 512MB DDR Corsairs
    -PNY Verto GeForce 6600 128MB
    -150 gig hard drive
    -clean install of Windows XP Pro including latest patches and critical updates

    When I installed the new forceware, it causes conflict with windows media player as well as VLC and Quicktime. I tried process of elimination by just having Windows Media Player alone and uninstalled everything else. What happened was when I played anything on Media Player as well as the plugin for Internet Explorer, it crashes and reboots itself.

    I thought I had something conflicting with the driver other than the media player so i did a complete format of C:\ and reinstalled XP with the latest patches. When I installed 81.85 again, same thing. Note: directed me to the supported driver which is 81.85 to install. Windows XP crashes once i go to a site that has a media plugin and open windows media player when I play a crashes. I don't know why I have this conflict with the driver.

    Only way to relieve it is to go to display properties, advance, troubleshoot, and set the hardware acceleration from full to none. I even tinkered with every setting and still no resolution. I have to set it to None.

    This is kind of a hassle because I'm a gamer and I don't want to have to reboot everytime to set the hardware acceleration to full and reboot in order to play a game.

    Please Help.

    Thank You.
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