Problems with new video card

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Oct 4, 2008
  1. just bought a Radeon HD 2400 Pro AGP card to put in my system so that I can play Warhammer online and Battlefield 2142. Having problems getting it to work right. It works fine for games like Diablo2 and World of Warcraft who's requirements are less to run the game, but I either get the blue screen of death or the computer restarts when I try to play Warhammer and BF2142. tried the drivers that came with card, and also the ones from the VisionTek site(they put the card out) and still have no luck. have uninstalled drivers and hardware completely and retried with no luck. I'm stumped by this one.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Your new card may be defective...
  3. mailpup

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    Perhaps it is a weak power supply or one that is getting weak.
  4. 420deebo

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    is there a way to test this with online diagnostic tools or something without buying a meter to check it manually? My power supply has a 288W max at 12+. i have found many sites and forum posts with people having this problem or very similar. seems to only affect AGP cards. getting endless loops and frequent VPU resets. after endless searching google i found a hotfix for this problem, hopefully it helps
  5. impcfast

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    Mailpup is right. Your power supply isn't strong enough. The minimum requirements for an HD2400pro is a 400watt power supply.
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