Problems with troubleshooting....plz help.

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Aug 4, 2005
  1. Problems in troubleshooting(monitor blank)....plz help.

    Hi everyone.....
    Requesting help in troubleshooting a problem i encountered. I am troubleshooting my friend's PC. The PC has two Harddisks of 40GB each, a DVD burner, a CD burner, a floppy drive , 128(Hyundai 133Mhz) + Micron make 133MHz + hyundai 256Mhz.etc., The problem is that nothing shows up on the monitor (and the monitor LED light is orange). PC boots normally with a clunking harddisk sound, one long beep followed by two short beeps(no beeps after that). I've checked that the harddisks work(by the whirring sound). I have tried reseating the RAM and Video card (Before which i was getting continous short beeps). Also to be noticed is that, among the LED lights (at the computer cabinet-front) the "power" LED shows green, the other two(guessing one among them is for the harddisk) show amber or orange :confused: .
    I am a novice in such hardware stuff and hence request suggestions from the experts. Thanx in advance.
  2. vegasgmc

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    The beep code you're getting usually means a bad video card or a problem with the video.
  3. neo_pal

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    Thx Vegas...

    Thanx for the reply vegas...
    ...were u referring to the continous short beeps or the long one followed by two short ones. If u were referring to the short ones, i gez i managed to set it right(going by the beepcode in one of the website) i.e now i get the long beep immediately followed by two shorter ones. But if u referring otherwise, wud u suggest i go in for a new video card? Also does the Amber LED light corresponding to a "cylinder" etch(in the front of the PC cabinet) got to do anything with the blank screen. Has anyone else encountered such a problem?
  4. tanwk

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    For a quick diagnoise, disconnect all devices connection e.g harddisk , cd-rom, DVD rom , floppy drive.

    Leave only video card (if add-on) and memory to start with.

    add one device and start up again. Last one to add is your harddisk.

    Look for someone if you think you don't feel comfortable removing these device and might worry more harm is done.

    Hope it helps.

  5. neo_pal

    neo_pal TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanx Tan for the suggestion......i'll go ahead and do as u say.....I also suspect one of the memory card is bad. Will seating that memory card in one of the slot along with the other good ones have any effect?
    Thanx again for the help.
  6. neo_pal

    neo_pal TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thx Guys for the help......I managed to set it right by reseating the video card to another its working fine......
  7. tanwk

    tanwk TS Rookie

    Glad u solve your problem.

    Hv a nice weekend.
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