Problems with Video Performance after Reformat

By keepinghorizon
Sep 11, 2005
  1. My computer is fairly new (about 8 months now) and I have a decent system. Unfortunatly, the best video card I could get with the package I recieved is a GeForceFX 5700LE 256MB 8x video card, which I know is pretty low quality. I am running it with a 430 Watt Powersupply, AMD 64 3400+, 1024 MB Corsair HeatSpreading RAM, etc.

    When I first got the computer. Everything ran great. Half Life 2, Rise of Nations, Farcry, World of Warcraft, any DVD, anything. It all ran very nice and very smooth.

    However, when I reformatted my comptuer cause I got a lot of junk, I started to recieve very crappy video performance. Not only were all my games running horribly at lowest quality .. I can't even run a streaming video at 512 kb/s. It's choppy even with the newest video drivers installed and I've yet to recieve an answer from nVidia or Cyberpower about why this would happen. I was wondering if anyone else would know what happened or more importantly ... how I can fix this problem. I would love to have my computer back to the way it was when I bought it.
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