Processor upgrade help please :)

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hi, i hope this is the right section.

for mainly the purpose of playing Second Life at a good FPS, i want to upgrade my 666mhz processor to something substantially beefier.

i have been recommended to go for a 2.8 gig mhz one, and also told that dual core runs slower than non dual core on SL.

i intend to go and get one from PC world or something and have them install it for me on site, but having had a look through ebay the prices seem to vary wildly (and thats even before a possible technician charge)

what sort of price will i be looking at? (UK)

666 MHZ
microsoft windows xp
service pack 2
radeon 9550 agp x4 / x8

Ok well i would like to know what we are working with here. What socket is your motherboard? or better yet the model number so i can find it online. And also what video card do you have? i need more system specs here :D
akaivan said:
What socket is your motherboard? or better yet the model number so i can find it online.
thanks for answering.
socket = AGP x4
(i hope thats what you meant)

as for the model number, if you tell me where that would be located i could probably tell you in the next couple of days.

lol ok, well we got some work here. Agp 4x is your agp slot for your video card, i need to know the socket for your procsessor! lol
you do understand that you will need to replace your motherboard and reinstall windows with a new mobo right?

You can't expect to do such a radical upgrade with a CPU alone.
you're gonna to build a new pc! You can't practically get away with just upping the cpu, unless you buy an old one to get you by.
2.8GHz, unlikely to fit in your mobo.If you buy new mobo and cpu, you'll need new ram....and gfx card
Personally i think unless you can buy the highest PIII cpu for a few pennies, then it would be a waste of money.
k.jacko said:
.If you buy new mobo and cpu, you'll need new ram....and gfx card
Damn, this is serious.
would i really even have to buy a new graphics card?
i wasn't expecting that.

this is gonna be harder than i thought.

EDIT: you guys are right though, it would indeed serve me better to upgrade properly.

whats your opinion on this little fella
not sure about the processor on that though.

or what about this one

i work for this company, and would get about 1/8 discount.
only problem is, it comes with vista, which Second Life has problems with. (do a google search)
your computer is ancient. Gaming requires high end graphics card (s), lots of ram, and a solid CPU and a strong power supply.
the John Lewis pc's are ok, but what bugs me about these brand pc's is they put mediocre (at best) graphics cards in. They aint gaming machines, yet still pretty expensive to just tootle around on.

You are obviously in the Uk, check out or for components OR full units.

I'd definitely go the core2duo route, but would want at least a nvidia GF 7900GS to play any game at 1280x1024.

Only this morning i've built a rig consisting of:
> Gaming Case with 500w psu
> Gigabyte 965-DS3P motherboard (excellent for overclocking and general stability) onboard HD 7.1 audio, gigabit lan, firewire
> E6600 conroe (much better than E6430)
> 250Gb sata hdd; Samsung Spinpont SP2504C (fantastic drives, i built a few rigs with these)
> DVD-RW (sata)
> DVD-Rom
> 2Gb Patriot PC2-5300 Ram (with heat spreaders)
> GF 7600GT PCIe (for a gaming rig, pay another £50 and get a 7900GS or even X1950GT?)

This lot cost me £565 (i assume you don't need monitor)
The mobo is furure proofed for the quad cores too :)
Hope this helps as a guideline
i see. well can you recommend one from this list then?

i should probably keep a price cap of about £600 or so
u give no link or list. and as u can see from my location I am from the USA and do not understand you're money. and will be away tomorrow.
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