PS3 will use Blu-ray Disc

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Aug 5, 2004
  1. Blu-Ray, which is quite possibly the future of disc storage, will find its way into the new Playstation, it was revealed today.

    Not surprising that Sony has chosen this standard, since the Blu-ray Disc Founders organization is composed of Sony, Panasonic, and 11 other major electronic makers. This new format can hold 25GB of data per disc on single layer and 50GB for dual, making it the ideal choice for next generation games which will require such large storage capacities.

    Sony plans to unveil more details on the PS3 next year at a premier event to be held in Japan, March 31.
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    I dont exactly see why, because they dont even fill up 25% of a DVD todate, they thought "next generation" would need the 4.7GB of a DVD, Im not convinced PS3 games will need the 25GB.
  3. The reason the PS2 has dvd support is not because all the games require the storage capacity of a dvd but because it is the current standard for several things; dvd movies for instance. Blu-ray is being pushed by Sony who has invested lots of money into the technology and wants to make it the next standard. I thought it was pretty obvious that they would be using it.
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    Ya the news that they were using Blu-Ray has been out since day one..
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    I think most of use are hoping Blu-Ray gets it, right? The better storage means high-definition DVDs without needing to resort to using Windows Media Video (Which Microsoft is pushing for the alternate HD-DVD which has much lower storage space).
  6. The real reason

    This forces a market for Blu-ray discs..
    Thats why they are doing it. There isn't a market for it yet, and availablility is zip. If PS3 vendors have to use blu-ray discs then it creates availability a market for the discs which I'm sure they hope to expand. Since there will be availablility and a consumer base, other tech companies will buy into something that has been established. Ie. this will give them a jumpstart over the competing technology standard for blue lazer discs.
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