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Jun 10, 2006
  1. ok i have a problem. i have a guy who copied a .pst file for outlook 2k3 onto a cd-r. problem is that when i try to copy it to disk i get an error. it says "cannot copy Personal Folders(1): The Parameter is incorrect." is there anyone out there that would have any ideas as to what i can do. since it being on a cd-r i dont think there is anything i can do. i have tried everything i can think of. nothing works. i can not extract it off the cd and i cannot repair it because its on a cd. any ideas?

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  2. fastco

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    You tried opening the disk with windows explorer and dragging the file to your computer? Or try opening the file with Outlook.
  3. Liquidlen

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    Try the Import command in Outlook.
    or Xcopy from a Command Prompt as an Administrator
    or try to take Ownership of the file (Although I am not sure this will work with the file on a CD)
  4. finesthops

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    ok i have tried copying it from explorer and tried opening it from outlook. explorer gives my the bad parameter thing and my outlook just freezes up. for the second guy, i can not change the permissions due to it being on a cd. as for the xcopy i tried that and it gives me the bad parameter error like trying to do it through gui. i even tried it from the origional computer under the creators username thinking that may help as well.
  5. Liquidlen

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    If you can use the original computer(as Administrator) > Remove the Read Only attribute from the file before copying. This is on the property sheet for the file
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